Who Could Hate Wind Power?

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (Updated February 12, 2013)  How could anyone object to wind power? Perhaps a person who loathes cute little puppy dogs or someone who purposely swerves his car to run over a crossing squirrel …... Read more

Nano-tech Batteries Are Going Far

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (February 12, 2013)  Earlier this year researchers at USC have developed a new lithium-ion battery design that uses porous silicon nanoparticles in place of the traditional graphite anodes to provide superior performance. The new... Read more

Cold Fission is Getting Some Lukewarm Attention

By Mark Kneubuhl – (June 14, 2012) Remember all the whoopla about cold fusion in the late 1980s? It promised to provide a cheap, safe and an infinitely abundant form of energy with relatively no dangerous byproducts. Mainstream science... Read more

Worse, Worst and Worsest News About Global Warming

by Mark Kneubuhl – (December 3, 2012)  In Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, climate change scenarios seemed to be about as bad as one could imagine.  But shortly after its publication, science tempered Gore’s worst case scenario... Read more

Climate Change: Worst Case Scenario Becoming Plausible

By Mark Kneubuhl – (November 16, 2012)  According to researchers at Southern Cross University, Australia’s biggest coal seam gas field, the Queensland’s Tara gas field, has been leaking large amounts of methane. The researchers said methane, carbon dioxide and... Read more

Pale Green Politics and Guns

By Mark Kneubuhl – (October 22, 2012) Reality has little to do with American politics today. Public perception is the only reality that counts and when that perception is in conflict with our bipolar political system, politicians ignore it... Read more

Half of The Great Barrier Reef’s Coral Lost

Posted by Newsbyrd Staff – (October 15, 2012)  In just 27 years – a mere moment on our planet’s life-clock, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its coral cover; an area equal to the size of Germany.... Read more

Ice Sheets Will Disappear Ahead of Schedule

by Joe Cofino – (October 11, 2012)  One of the world’s foremost climate scientists has warned that vulnerable island states may need to consider evacuating their populations within a decade due to a much faster than anticipated melting of... Read more

Ignoring the Science: Fox vs Global Warming

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (October 1, 2012) Science is defined as a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths. By definition, science cannot be bias, but occasionally there is room for the... Read more

Goodbye Walter Cronkite, Hello PBS

Compiled by Mark Kneubuhl – (September 18, 2012) During the mid to late 20th Century millions of American families sat down every evening to get their news from the likes of Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Tom... Read more

Amending the Bucket List: A Trip to Rose Atoll

by Mark Kneubuhl – (August 6, 2012)  There’s a lot of ocean that surrounds Rose Atoll. The closest “major” port is Pago Pago about 140 miles to the west. Auckland harbor is about 1500 miles southwest and Pearl Harbor,... Read more