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The Advolution of TV

By Riki Markowitz There’s no doubt that Americans are fascinated with television commercials. What is so telling is that while most of us have the ability to fast-forward through ads, many of us choose not to. NielsenWire reported in... Read more

Now Hiring: Beautiful people only

By Ruth Soltman As part of job hunting and the personal interview process, we all know that wearing our “Sunday best” and using whitening toothpaste is important. But in terms of physical appearance does our impression on others go... Read more

America’s Other Housing Crisis

By Cat Boyle America’s twenty-first century fiscal crisis has lawmakers on both sides of the aisle scrambling to eliminate waste in the budget. In the crosshairs of this foray are a burgeoning prison population and outdated prison policies that... Read more

Social Media Addiction: Clinical Disorder or Untamed Ego?

By Kelli Byers There are currently enough Facebook users to form the third most populated country in the world, bumping the United States into fourth. If, or when, this hobby becomes an addiction, therapists could have their hands full.... Read more

A Federal Concern

By Cat Boyle There’s no doubt that Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is having an effect on the dynamics of the Republican Party. And although his fan base is relatively small, it is extremely devoted.  His economic policies on fiscal... Read more