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Earth Hour: 2012

By Newsbyrd staff- The lights first went out in on the last Saturday in March, 2007 in Sydney, Australia while since then the phenomena has spread like a virus to most major cities on the globe. Today, on the... Read more

Are There Any Environmentalists Among Mitt Romney’s VP Options?

By Mark Kneubuhl In a recent CBS/New York times poll, 54 percent of Americans believe that the president can do a lot to combat high gas prices. The fact is that JP Morgan can do much more to lower... Read more

Automated Intellect: The lack of Critical Thinking

Opinion by Mark Kneubuhl- Fifty years ago, there was less than three hours of news each day on the television (with three networks), one newspaper and AM radio played only music. News anchors like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley... Read more

Good Boys Love Certain Whores, In Song At Least

By Frank Balistreri- I’ve been to Amsterdam, and, yes, I went and looked at the window whores.  They were just as pretty and as not-pretty as all the women I walked past on the street to get there.  There... Read more

Are You Shy or an Introvert: Personality disorder or preference

By Riki Markowitz Carlos Gieseken is a 36-year-old government employee who recalls being a terribly shy child. “I remember when it came time for baseball tryouts. I was enthusiastic about the idea of playing but terrified to go. I... Read more

Building Bridges with Literature

by Deborah Kneubuhl-Durham The following article was written by Deborah Kneubuhl-Durham about culture and literature as a symbiotic tool in the education of a bicultural, Anglo-Hispanic society.  It was written over ten years ago when the Anglo culture was... Read more

The Afterglow of SXSW: Observation

By Glenn Spillman- I originally planned on calling this post, “Has SXSW Gotten Too Big for Its Britches?” but I thought it had a negative connotation and my Southby experience was anything but negative. There’s a few things I... Read more

Read My Stuff, Not My Lips

by Frank Balistreri- “Morning Girl! Put your dreams away… And read your box of Cheerios” When I was a kid I would read the backs of cereal boxes over and over.  There were comic strips, magic tricks, lives of... Read more

Democratization: Beyond the Right to Vote

By Newsbyrd Staff- “Human empowerment is the driving force behind democratization.”  This is the gist of an article, “The Role of Ordinary People in Democratization,” written by Christian Welzel and Ronald Inglehart, members of the World Values Survey (WVS)... Read more

A Not-so-happy Anniversary: The Exxon Valdez

By Newsbyrd staff- For environmentalists worldwide, not to mention the wildlife in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, March 24, 1989, was a day not soon to be forgotten. And, as an almost fitting anniversary present on the eve of the... Read more