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Straw Wars

By Mark Kneubuhl – (April 30, 2012)  Without dropping any names, the World’s most popular fast food chain (starts with a big yellow M), uses 60 million straws a day. In a year that’s nearly 27-billion, which connected end-to-end, would wrap... Read more

Sharks Swimming in Troubled Waters

By Christie Wilcox – (April 29, 2012)  Can you imagine oceans without sharks? We may soon have to, as new research suggests may already be 90% of the way there. Studying shark populations can be tricky. As David Shiffman explains well,... Read more

Romney campaign aide claims auto bailout was Mitt’s idea

By Brendan Sasso – (April 28, 2012) The following article appeared earlier today on the U.S. politics website, The Hill. One of Mitt Romney’s top advisers said Saturday that President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler and General Motors was... Read more

Global Warming Gets Trumped

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff- April 28, 2012)  With the ever increasing popularity of reality TV shows it’s safe to say that “drama sells.”  Environmental issues including greenhouse gases and climate change have been in the news for decades, without... Read more

The New Poor

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff- (April 26, 2012)  One of today’s hot political topics is that of entitlements; Medicare, welfare and food stamps at the top of the list. And while some far-right conservatives would like to strip all such... Read more

Mixed Reviews for The Royal Society’s Report on the Planet

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff- (April 26, 2012)  Reports on the status of the environment by leading scientists are always well accepted by those sympathetic to the cause.  Often they are quoted in the media, followed by an “I told... Read more

Nearly 70% of Americans Believe Super PACs Will Corrupt

By Newsbyrd Staff – (April 25, 2012)  A recent national survey conducted on behalf of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law revealed that nearly four out of five Americans believe that the increased spending in... Read more

Crazy Plan to Mine an Asteroid May Not Be So Crazy

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff Seattle, Wash. – April 24, 2012 – Planetary Resources, Inc. announced today its plan to mine Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) for raw materials, ranging from water to precious metals. Through the development of cost-effective exploration technologies, the company is... Read more

As a Conservative, How does Romney Compare to Bush?

Published by Think Progress- (April 24, 2012)  One of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s biggest political problems in his recent bid for the GOP nomination was convincing other republicans that he was “one of the boys.” Romney was frequently... Read more

For the Environment , Huntsman Would Have Worked

By Mark Kneubuhl- (April 23, 2012)  Last week a new CBS/NYT poll cited a virtual dead heat between President Barack Obama and former governor Mitt Romney.  The headline issues that have shaped this pre-election vote are jobs, the economy,... Read more