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Global Warming: A Hot and Cold Topic

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (June 30, 2012)  Hardly more than a decade ago, one could find healthy debate -on both sides, concerning man-made global warming.  Even science had questions about the link between humans and long-term rising temperatures. ... Read more

Funky Friday: The Tea Party Rocks!

By the Editor – (June 29, 2012)  The reporting on the status of our environment can be a rather depressing job.  And often within that niche, politics needs to be reviewed as an entity that has the greatest influence... Read more

Opposition, Hatred, Racism… How Far Should Politics Go?

Op-ed by Eugene Rudder – (June 28, 2012) November must almost be upon us because politics is getting nastier. Earlier this month, in Missoula, Montana, the state Republican Party held their convention and while it had the usual President... Read more

Is Mitt Romney Pandering For Votes?

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (June 27, 2012)  Mitt Romney’s overall position on the environment is the perfect case study for opponents of the two-party political system. It is also why many are skeptical of his real beliefs, even... Read more

Free Speech Incorporated: What Would Our Forefather’s Do?

Opinion by Mark Kneubuhl – (June 26, 2012)  Many liberals believe (or at least preach) that corporations are anti-environment.  And, in a perfect world, a well-managed, community-minded corporation should be weary of all peripheral consequences. But to be fully... Read more

Fracking With Faith

by the Fam – (June 24, 2012)  What do God and fracking have in common? The belief in God is based on faith that fills in where facts are sparse. The practice of “safe” Fracking, on the massive scale... Read more

Can We Have The Future We Want?

Opinion by Mark Kneubuhl – (June 23, 2012)  Twenty years have passed since the first International Environmental Conference in Rio de Janeiro. That event served its purpose well in bringing environmental and social issues to a global stage and... Read more

The Race to Greenland’s Minerals

By John Acher and Mette Fraende – (June 22, 2012)  Chinese President Hu Jintao’s three-day visit to Denmark (last week) may ostensibly have been about signing billions worth of business deals, but a stake in Greenland’s huge mineral wealth may have... Read more

What We Want, Choose and Need to Believe

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (June 21, 2012) is a forum that enables the user to ask questions while others -often times experts in the field-  give their answers, thoughts and perspective. On the “weighty scale” the questions... Read more

Oil Began to Flow, 35 Years Ago…

Source: History Channel- (June 20, 1977- June 20, 2012)  Thirty-five years ago today, and with a flip of a switch in Prudhoe Bay, crude oil from the nation’s largest oil field begins flowing south down the trans-Alaska pipeline to the... Read more