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The Keystone Pipeline: Happy Days for Hummers or Hybrids?

By Robin Roush – (June 19, 2012)  It is often said that American voters care more about the “rising” price of gasoline than anything else, and that Obama’s re-election prospects depend entirely upon that. Let us focus our attention... Read more

Happy Father’s Day with Art

By Newsbyrd – (Father Day, 2012) Most of the articles featured on Newsbyrd are controversial.  If everyone shared our principles and beliefs, morals and ethics, this website might be about fly fishing. But it’s not and our planet needs... Read more

More than 80 nations, private companies and international organizations declare support for Global Partnership for Oceans

Source: The Global Partnership for Oceans (RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, June 16, 2012) Over 80 countries, civil society groups, private companies and international organizations have declared their support for the new Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO), signaling their commitment to... Read more

NOAA says, “Unusual Mortality Event”

Source: AP, by Ramit Plushnick-Mastic (June 13, 2012) Yesterday the Associated Press reported on the deaths of 123 dolphins off the coast of Texas, which has prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to launch an investigation, calling... Read more

Coral Reefs As Seen on a Black & White Television

By Mark Kneubuhl – (June 12, 2012) What if earth became part of some twisted experiment by a distant civilization who from light years away planted an unknown device on the planet, making all electronic color presentations, TVs, computers,... Read more

Why Aren’t Climate Scientists Making More Whoopee?

Comment by Mark Kneubuhl – (June 11, 2012)  I like to watch sports. I love the playoffs of any sport. I could happily watch the national Curling championship!  Every evening as of late, I’ve been busy with the NBA... Read more

How Economists Size-up a Pizza

By Newsbyrd Staff- (June 10, 2012) On cable news programs we often watch two experts making two radically opposing arguments for any given topic.  Where the economy is concerned, we should keep in mind the founding principles –which are not usually... Read more

New Hope for Diabetes Cure

By Alvin Powell This article first appeared in the Harvard Science Newsletter on June 24, 2011. A new diabetes treatment based on a decades-old tuberculosis vaccine has produced promising results in humans, says lead researcher Denise Faustman. A diabetes... Read more

The Late Great Whale

By Gregory K. Taylor – (June 9, 2012)  Their graceful undulating bodies traversing the water as deliberate as a Prima Ballerina jetes through the air.  From the majestic Blue to the fearsome Killer, they are the rulers of all... Read more

World Oceans Day: Should We Be Celebrating?

Comment by Mark Kneubuhl (June 8, 2012)  Today, World Oceans Day is being observed around the world with festivals, beach clean-ups, presentations and parties.  And although I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, where marine wildlife is concerned,... Read more