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Who Could Hate Wind Power?

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (Updated February 12, 2013)  How could anyone object to wind power? Perhaps a person who loathes cute little puppy dogs or someone who purposely swerves his car to run over a crossing squirrel …... Read more

Romney’s Position on Energy Policy

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff- (May 09, 2012)  Earlier today in Fort Lupton, Colorado,  Mitt Romney – in a speech which largely focused on energy, took issue with President Obama’s “out of date” policies and the administration for  taking credit... Read more

A Modern Day Robinson Crusoe

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (May 09, 2012)  During the 18th century, the 115 Islands that made up the Seychelles were a hideaway for pirates, including the infamous Oliver Levasseur, known as The Buzzard, who was hanged in Mauritius... Read more

American Politics Needs Terms & Hybrid Politicians

Opinion by Mark Kneubuhl- (May 8, 2012)  Party politics has to stop. What was once a clear and semi-pliable division in how (or not how), to reach the common goal of a better America has now become a gridlock... Read more

The Advolution of Television

By Riki Markowitz- (May 7, 2012)  The following was posted in Newsbyrd’s “early” days (2 months ago).  We had few hits back then and thought the piece was worth re-printing. (Circa 2012)  There’s no doubt that Americans are fascinated... Read more

Skeletons in the Closet Continue to Haunt Romney

by Mark Kneubuhl- (May 6, 2012) While campaigning in coastal city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire earlier this week, Mitt Romney continued to pound his message of government over-regulating business.   The anti-regulatory rhetoric has become the modern GOP war cry,... Read more

Global Warming or Global Manipulation?

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (May 5, 2012)  The Heartland Institute has engaged in perhaps most ill-considered publicity stunt to date: a poster ad campaign that associates mass murders with those who belief in the science of global warming.... Read more

Now On Sale: 2013 Mayan Calendar

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff- (May 4, 2014)  In reference to the impulse buying of “junk” on late night television shopping networks, The Tonight Show host Jay Leno said he bought a 2013 Mayan Calender. The “joke” drew a lukewarm... Read more

If You Ever Meet An Alien (Politician)

By Mark Kneubuhl – (May 3, 2012) has more than 2 million readers each month. Their focus is on Top Ten lists that intrigue and educate, specializing in the bizarre or lesser- known trivia. A recent Listverse piece... Read more

Same Sex Marriage: With This Ring, We Could Benefit

By Ruth Soltman- Could same sex marriage be the solution to our economic woes? It sure sounds off-the-wall! And, with our national debt at around $15-trillion and increasing by $4-billion each day, savings of a mere million here and... Read more