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Are the folks at Goldman Sachs closet tree-huggers?

By Mark Kneubuhl – (May 24, 2012)  For some time headlines have rotated between Wall Street and the mega-Investment Bankers and a variety of equally depressing environmental stories, with no apparent relationship.  But these two orbiting subjects collided yesterday... Read more

Who’s Watching the Henhouse?

by Mark Kneubuhl – (May 23, 2012)  The U.S. budget is a hot and heavily debated topic in Washington. But while both parties believe it needs to be cut, the largest piece of the pie –the defense budget continues... Read more

What You Need To Know About Sushi

By Mark Kneubuhl- (May 20, 2012)  A couple of decades ago the average American may have thought Sushi was another Far Eastern discipline, teaching meditation and brick-breaking techniques. Today, the word Sushi is part of the American vernacular; with... Read more

Playing Political Ping-pong with the Environment

By Mark Kneubuhl – (May 18,2012)  Yesterday, an article posted on the conservative website The Daily Caller, made headlines of the U.S. Federal government spending $70 billion on “climate change activities” since 2008, “coincidentally” the year Barrack Obama took... Read more

The Advolution of Television

By Riki Markowitz- (May 7, 2012)  The following was posted in Newsbyrd’s “early” days (2 months ago).  We had few hits back then and thought the piece was worth re-printing. (Circa 2012)  There’s no doubt that Americans are fascinated... Read more

Skeletons in the Closet Continue to Haunt Romney

by Mark Kneubuhl- (May 6, 2012) While campaigning in coastal city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire earlier this week, Mitt Romney continued to pound his message of government over-regulating business.   The anti-regulatory rhetoric has become the modern GOP war cry,... Read more

The 99 Percent Wakes Up

by Joseph E. Stiqlitz- (May 2, 2012)  Inequality isn’t only plaguing America—the Arab Spring flowered because international capitalism is broken. In From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices from the Global Spring, edited by Anya Schiffrin and Eamon Kircher-Allen, Nobel laureate Joseph... Read more

The Genesis of Occupy Wall Street

By Mark Kneubuhl- (May 1, 2012)  Over the past decade, income for 90% of Americans has been relatively unchanged. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, or at least 90% of you! And more non-news: The super wealthy are getting much richer, as... Read more

Romney campaign aide claims auto bailout was Mitt’s idea

By Brendan Sasso – (April 28, 2012) The following article appeared earlier today on the U.S. politics website, The Hill. One of Mitt Romney’s top advisers said Saturday that President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler and General Motors was... Read more

The New Poor

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff- (April 26, 2012)  One of today’s hot political topics is that of entitlements; Medicare, welfare and food stamps at the top of the list. And while some far-right conservatives would like to strip all such... Read more