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The Direction of Human Evolution

by Jeffrey Mays- (April 8, 2012)  Listen to certain cultural luminaries in the last few decades, or read the newspapers, or go to a movie, and it will not be long before you encounter intriguing speculations about the future... Read more

The Cloud: How Sacred is our Personal Information

By Jon Mitchell- (April 5, 2012) Facebook says its Timeline “tells the story of who you are.” That’s lofty wording. It assumes that you share “who you are” on Facebook. It also assumes you share enough of yourself to... Read more

The Afterglow of SXSW: Observation

By Glenn Spillman- I originally planned on calling this post, “Has SXSW Gotten Too Big for Its Britches?” but I thought it had a negative connotation and my Southby experience was anything but negative. There’s a few things I... Read more

Social Media Addiction: Clinical Disorder or Untamed Ego?

By Kelli Byers There are currently enough Facebook users to form the third most populated country in the world, bumping the United States into fourth. If, or when, this hobby becomes an addiction, therapists could have their hands full.... Read more