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Pale Green Politics and Guns

By Mark Kneubuhl – (October 22, 2012) Reality has little to do with American politics today. Public perception is the only reality that counts and when that perception is in conflict with our bipolar political system, politicians ignore it... Read more

Goodbye Walter Cronkite, Hello PBS

Compiled by Mark Kneubuhl – (September 18, 2012) During the mid to late 20th Century millions of American families sat down every evening to get their news from the likes of Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Tom... Read more

The Imperative Science and The Inconvenient Truth

by Mark Kneubuhl – (August 18, 2012)   In an October, 2007 Op-ed, columnist George Will essentially stated that global warming is no big deal, talking about the “gradual” difficulty it poses for some species, but also a greater... Read more

Bringing The Heat

Source: New America Foundation – (July 31, 2012) It’s been nearly impossible to ignore the record-setting heat baking the U.S. this summer. Triple-digit temperatures have roasted residents across the country, and the severe drought that’s plaguing more than half... Read more

How F#%@in’ Stupid Are Politicians, Anyway?

Rather disjointed op-ed by Mark Kneubuhl – (July 18, 2012)  Hard to say. If you ask those of the opposing party, they’d point their innocent fingers across the aisle and say, “look over there.” So, if you ask all... Read more

Conservation: What is it and how does it impact rainforests?

By Marie Brown Conservation is one of the primary buzzwords in the environmental movement. However, what does conservation really mean in the sense of environmental protection? In short, conservation means the human inclination to defend any or all individual species, habitats,... Read more

Oh Canada: The Government’s Broad Assault on Environment

by Ed Struzik – (July 2, 2012)  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has been weakening Canada’s environmental regulations and slashing funds for oversight and research — all while promoting aggressive resource development. Critics warn these unprecedented actions pose a... Read more

Funky Friday: The Tea Party Rocks!

By the Editor – (June 29, 2012)  The reporting on the status of our environment can be a rather depressing job.  And often within that niche, politics needs to be reviewed as an entity that has the greatest influence... Read more

Opposition, Hatred, Racism… How Far Should Politics Go?

Op-ed by Eugene Rudder – (June 28, 2012) November must almost be upon us because politics is getting nastier. Earlier this month, in Missoula, Montana, the state Republican Party held their convention and while it had the usual President... Read more

Is Mitt Romney Pandering For Votes?

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (June 27, 2012)  Mitt Romney’s overall position on the environment is the perfect case study for opponents of the two-party political system. It is also why many are skeptical of his real beliefs, even... Read more