For the Environment , Huntsman Would Have Worked

john_huntsmanBy Mark Kneubuhl-

(April 23, 2012)  Last week a new CBS/NYT poll cited a virtual dead heat between President Barack Obama and former governor Mitt Romney.  The headline issues that have shaped this pre-election vote are jobs, the economy, taxes, government spending, entitlement programs and size of government, pretty much in that order.

Global warming and climate change has been off the table, at least where the focus of debate between the two candidates is concerned.  Most pundits believe this election will be won over jobs and the economy, with taxes being an important related battle, that both sides want to win.

Both candidates agree on our country’s fundament problems but venomously disagree as to the solutions.

But in regard to environmental issues, especially climate change and global warming, the candidates stance is a clear yea or nea: Obama being the treehugger’s friend while Romney holds the axe, citing the common GOP spin on the science.  So, at least for those whose main concern is the environment, this is an important election in what many scientists believe to be a critical time in regard to “tipping points.”

By all accounts, former Chinese Ambassador Jon Huntsman would have made even the greenest of Greenies happy as the GOP nominee.

Unlike Romney, Huntsman has sided with scientists when it comes to climate change. “This is an issue that ought to be answered by the scientific community; I’m not a meteorologist,” said Huntsman in a May 2011 interview. “All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncology community said something was causing cancer, we’d listen to them. I respect science.”

In 2007, Huntsman joined fellow eco-friendly governors, Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, in a commercial that urged Congress to take action on climate change. Sponsored by the conservation group Environmental Defense, the commercial included all three governors finishing each other’s sentences.  “Climate change is a test of leadership,” began Schwarzenegger. ”Now it is time for Congress to act by capping greenhouse gas pollution,” continued Huntsman.” Schweitzer followed by saying, “We are leading,” and Schwarzenegger concluded, “Now it’s your turn.”

Unfortunately, it was this type of support for “liberal-issues” that ostracized Huntsman from the GOP party and arguably caused him at least a respectable showing in early primaries.

In a recent interview outlined by Buzz Feed Politics, Huntsman also expressed disappointment that the Republican Party disinvited him from a Florida fundraiser in March after he publicly called for a third party.

“This is what they do in China on party matters if you talk off script,” Huntsman said of the incident.



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