Global Warming Gets Trumped

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April 28, 2012)  With the ever increasing popularity of reality TV shows it’s safe to say that “drama sells.”  Environmental issues including greenhouse gases and climate change have been in the news for decades, without the nail-biting suspense of the Rodney King beating, the O.J. Simpson car chase or even his drawn-out trial, which was covered daily by all the networks and cable.

So it’s no surprise that coverage of climate change on the nightly news programs dropped from over 120 minutes in 2009 to just 38 minutes in 2011.

Smog just doesn’t get anyone riled up anymore. Either that, or perhaps in our increasingly competitive world, all of our human energy is being spent on the here and now: The mortgage payment, health insurance and tuition costs for the kids has trumped concerns of an inhospitable world for our grandkids, and quite possibly our children’s lives too!

Last Year Trump himself -Donald that is- and the network news coverage he got from his tepid bid for the Presidency, was more than twice that of the issue of global warming.

The website Media Matters wrote the following article about news coverage of environmental issues.

Despite Ongoing Climate News, Broadcast Coverage Has Dropped Significantly. Since 2009, when the U.S. House of Representatives passed a climate bill and a major climate conference took place in Copenhagen, the amount of climate coverage on both the Sunday shows (Fox News Sunday,NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’ Face the Nation, and ABC’s This Week) and the nightly news (NBC Nightly NewsCBS Evening News, and ABC World News) has declined tremendously. This drop comes despite a series of newsworthy stories related to climate change in 2010 and 2011, including a debate over comprehensive climate and energy legislation in the U.S. Senate, a series of record-breaking extreme weather events, notable developments in climate science, the rise of so-called “climate skeptics” in the House of Representatives, and a deal struck at the most recent UN climate summit in Durban, South Africa.

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