How F#%@in’ Stupid Are Politicians, Anyway?

congressRather disjointed op-ed by Mark Kneubuhl –

(July 18, 2012)  Hard to say. If you ask those of the opposing party, they’d point their innocent fingers across the aisle and say, “look over there.” So, if you ask all politicians that question, that makes them all stupid?

It’s a silly question. All politicians have done stupid things now and then. My favorite is Weiner’s weiner, but that was biologically motivated… not political.

To say someone is stupid is just a bitter reaction born from a position of helplessness and a feeling of frustration.

To be more precise about politicians, we should ask how greedy, immoral and self-serving they are. These are human attributes and with the exception of perhaps, morality, can be quantified with facts and figures. “Stupid” is rather vague and objective.

Although I never considered myself a Republican, I’ve always believed in one of their major platforms of less government. Ironically, it is those believers in less government, that over the years have abused the system to the point of forcing government to act to create more regulations. Enron, Fanny Mae and Morgan Stanley are examples of executives pushing the moral and legal limit and in the process, shooting their foot off.

Corporations don’t like regulations as they tend to limit possibilities. But are corporations greedy, immoral and self-serving? Self-serving, of course, as mandated by their articles of incorporation. But greedy and immoral? Nah! They’re not human… they can’t be. (Although the Supreme Court allows them First Amendment rights.)

But the people who run them and the politicians who support corporations can. And it’s these same cheerleader-Inc-politicians who willfully and gratefully accept campaign donations in any form (but mostly money).

Over that past several decades medical exams and procedures have skyrocketed while the average income in the U.S has hardly kept up with inflation. Today a check-up can cost thousands, with malpractice gun-shy doctors running every conceivable test for fear of missing something.

Republicans have made several arguments against Obamacare including it is unconstitutional, unfair, a move toward socialism, a job killer and a system that places shackles on free enterprise.

Health insurers contributed $2.2 million to the top 10 recipients in the House and Senate since 2005, according to an analysis of federal elections data by Consumer Watchdog, a California-based advocacy group.

The biggest beneficiaries in the Senate included John McCain(R-Ariz.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-Ky.), who received just about million.

In the House, health company contributions were given out on about a 2:1 ration in favor of the Republicans.

Lots of money also changes hands on the environmental front. The Big-5 oil companies donate Big-time, although Democrats -who generally have an opposing regulatory philosophy, receive much smaller checks.

Early this week two companies were cited for dumping raw sewage from a fracking site into irrigation ditches in North Dakota. A spokesman for one of the companies said something along the lines of, ‘I dunno! I thought it was okay.’

That’s what I said when I was younger and dumber and was caught stealing. The line always worked with my mother. I didn’t wash with the cops!

I view America as a sort-of benevolent father and our government as our watchful mother. Increasing government involvement in today’s society hasn’t so much been a result of one party’s will and determination -as the Republican party would like us to believe, but rather a result of us children doing naughty things!

I know this statement is sooooo 27-seconds ago, but I’ll make it again: Our political system and our Congress in particular is broken beyond repair.

Just look at us: One of the riches nations in the world yet millions of families can hardly afford food, much less a medical check-up for their children. And speaking of children, one in five go to bed each night (if they have a bed), without enough to eat.

Obamacare is just one piece of legislation, of which its future is tenuous, while America is growing tired of watching the same ol’ political play.

But the theater lights are dimming while the microphone has been turned off and I’m about to get out of my seat and leave when I hear someone behind me mumbling, “those actors are really f#%@in’ stupid.”

Well put.

Feature photo: Christian Science Monitor

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