Nearly 70% of Americans Believe Super PACs Will Corrupt

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(April 25, 2012)  A recent national survey conducted on behalf of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law revealed that nearly four out of five Americans believe that the increased spending in this year’s election –largely due to Super PACs- will result in more corruption in comparison to past elections.  The poll also revealed concerns about the influence of Super PACs over elected officials, undermining Americans’ faith in democracy.  Twenty five percent reported that they are less likely to vote because of this big donor influence overshadowing that of average Americans.

In short, the survey revealed bipartisan consensus that today’s democratic process is being threatened by historical spending of Super PACs, leading to a disenfranchised electorate.

The telephone survey was conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation and involved 1,015 American adults.  Below are some highlights:

  • Sixty five percent (65%) say they have less trust in government because big donors to Super PACs have more influence than regular voters.  With a 2% margin of error, Republicans and Democrats uniformly agree.
  • Two thirds of Americans believe that the average voter does NOT have the same access to candidates as the big donors to Super PACs.
  • When asked if “new rules that let corporations, unions and people give unlimited money to Super PACs will lead to corruption,” nearly 70% of the respondents agreed.
  • More than three-quarters of all respondents agreed that members of Congress are more likely to act in the best interest of a group that spent millions to elect them than to act in the public interest.  Again, with a 2% margin of error, Republicans and Democrats uniformly agree.
  • More than two-thirds of all respondents agreed that a company that donated $100,000 to help elect a member of Congress could successfully pressure that person to change a vote on proposed legislation.
  • One third of respondents with no more than a high school education said they would be less likely to vote because of Super PAC influence.
  • Nearly half of those with household incomes under $35,000 believe that their votes don’t matter very much because big donors to Super PACs have so much more influence.

(Cartoon by Rich Miller)



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