Now Hiring: Beautiful people only

By Ruth Soltman

As part of job hunting and the personal interview process, we all know that wearing our “Sunday best” and using whitening toothpaste is important. But in terms of physical appearance does our impression on others go beyond the $300 suit and Mary K make-up?  And even with that college degree in hand, what if your physical appearance isn’t seen as “attractive” enough?

In the case of the “computer nerd,” who was once thought to be very uncool, they now rank high on the “hot” list, both in the way they are perceived and average salary.

But they are the exception and not the rule.

Not only do attractive people (and computer nerds), have a better chance of getting hired, but they make 5% more per hour than those deemed unattractive according to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The Human Resources Manager at a large Texas-based medical firm, told Newsbyrd that being “pretty” or handsome, in the case of a male applicant, definitely weighs in on the decision process.

“It’s not something we look for… it’s more subliminal. Nonetheless, it’s real,” she said, requesting anonymity.

Another company we talked to who also wished to remain anonymous, mirrored their thoughts and added, “If two people with identical credentials and personality walk though our door, the better looking one will get the job. It’s an ugly fact of life but its human nature.”

Should “appearance discrimination” become a topic for possible legislation?

Perhaps not.  While physical appearance can be a factor in the hiring process, many hiring experts sited confidence as the main ingredient for a successful job seeker.

But where does that confidence come from?  For some, it is with their job experience and skills. For others, it is in their physical appearance.

Do we really need to enact a law to protect ugly, unattractive, or ordinary looking people? Most agree that such a law will never be discussed in congress, much less passed into law.

If visual advertisement is the indicator, it is easy to assume that society has been conditioned to believe that ‘looks’ are of the utmost importance in all aspects of our lives. In terms of marketing product… sex and beauty sells!

What can an unattractive person do to tip the scales more in their favor? By our research, self-confidence is a major factor in the interview process.

Building confidence and self-esteem has become a lucrative business, evident by the number of books, articles, webinars and short courses available.  And one of the major principals in all of this advice for hire, is to improve the way you look! After that, you feel better about yourself and bingo, your confidence level rises.

According to Kim Johnson Gross, style expert and co-creator of the “Chic Simple” book series, try the following: Dress a little better, try a new hairstyle, get a new pair of shoes. Do whatever it takes to make you “feel” more attractive and build self-confidence. Focus on your positive attributes. The more those features come to light, the more the negative ones fall to the wayside.

Sophia Loren said  “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

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