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Cathy Landoll

is an Austin-based mother of three sons, with a passion for live music. She is a freelance journalist and reviews music for several websites. Between live shows, mommy duties, and writing, she loves a good margarita, a great book, and enjoying the beauty of Austin. You can read her music reviews at http://www.cathinator.net and on http://www.newmusicmonkey.com.


glenn spillman


Glenn Spillman

A graduate from the University of Oklahoma, native of Los Angeles, California.  Is a published author of his book 1000 Miles From Nowhere, and a freelance writer in the Austin area, and is working on a collection of short stories and a novel. Facebook/glennspillman twitter@glennspillman linkedin/glennspillman


Jeffrey Allen Mays

has written short stories, web content, high school curriculum, newsletters, technical papers and formal public addresses.  He learned to write through practice and a lifelong study of the best writers.  His degrees are in Computer Science and Religious Studies.  His debut novel The Former Hero will be available at his website http://jeffreyallenmays.com.  He lives in Austin with his wife and four children.

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 Kim Hulley

Keeping Austin Green and weird at the same time isn’t easy but it sure is fun. Kim adores her partner Neil and eleven month old son, Conan. When she isn’t trying to save the world one plastic bag at a time she can be found watching Rupaul’s drag race in her pajamas.



photo of alex

Alec Fantl

Is a calm, cool, and collected individual. He is currently enrolled at UW Waukesha, but plans to transfer to Oshkosh to pursue a Masters or PhD in English, and possibly Education. He has enjoyed writing since he has been able to, and believes that expression of one’s self is essential. Along with journalism, Alec takes interest in writing poetry and short fiction. If Alec would like you to take anything from his bio at all, it would be to pursue the truth and express yourself freely.  Oh, and remember to laugh!

Frank Balistreri

has been teaching every sort of English class at Arrowhead High School in Hartland for the past 34 years.  He ended his career there as the Advanced Placement English and British Lit teacher.  He has been a performing guitarist since 1967, and played Summerfest in 1971.


Riki Markowitz

founded Professional Writers of Austin, a networking organization in Austin, Texas. She is also a freelance research editor for Woman’s Day magazine. Her freelance writing and reporting has appeared in the Houston Chronicle, on USAToday.com, Maxim magazine, Temple University’s alumni magazine and Happen, Match.com‘s official online magazine. Markowitz has been a research editor at Redbook, Family Circle and Latina magazines.

Ruth Soltman

Ruth is a free spirit that arrived in the Houston area nearly two years ago. She is a freelance writer and poet. Ruth has an empathic understanding and deep compassion for the human condition and it is reflected in her writing. You can like her business page on Facebook or find her on the web at www.intuitivewritingconsultants.com .  Her latest project is an inspirational book about her spiritual journey that will be published later this year.  Ruth is a Human Rights Advocate and has varied interests including travel, nature, and energy healing.


Cat Boyle

has published poetry, delivered speeches and presentations, authored seminars, written volumes of journals as well as two fiction manuscripts. She has written speeches for legislators, briefs for lawyers, papers for publications and marketing plans for entrepreneurs. She currently is the founder of and consultant for BenSky Communications and offers coaching for life’s challenges. In her private life Cat has written a non-fiction Memoir, which is the basis of her new manuscript, Alchemy of A Shadow Dance.  Cat likes to blog and has a date rape awareness site (http://daterapeawareness.wordpress.com). She joins the staff of Newsbyrd as a contributing writer, and hopes to spark ideas for discussion and blogging.

Kelli Byers

As an Iowa native, Kelli landed in Austin eight years ago seeking
change, opportunity, warmer weather, and better Mexican food. Kelli is
a blogger and has done freelance work for numerous non-profit
organizations. She is a graduate of Iowa State University, with a BA
in Journalism and English. kelliabyers@gmail.com


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