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Nano-tech Batteries Are Going Far

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (February 12, 2013)  Earlier this year researchers at USC have developed a new lithium-ion battery design that uses porous silicon nanoparticles in place of the traditional graphite anodes to provide superior performance. The new... Read more

Germany Powers Through U.S. in Solar Initiatives

Newsbyrd Special by John Newton – (June 3, 2012)  Last weekend, German solar power plants produced 22 gigawatts of electricity – equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity – through the midday hours of Friday and Saturday,... Read more

Who Could Hate Wind Power?

Compiled by Newsbyrd staff – (Updated February 12, 2013)  How could anyone object to wind power? Perhaps a person who loathes cute little puppy dogs or someone who purposely swerves his car to run over a crossing squirrel …... Read more