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Worse, Worst and Worsest News About Global Warming

by Mark Kneubuhl – (December 3, 2012)  In Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, climate change scenarios seemed to be about as bad as one could imagine.  But shortly after its publication, science tempered Gore’s worst case scenario... Read more

Climate Change: Worst Case Scenario Becoming Plausible

By Mark Kneubuhl – (November 16, 2012)  According to researchers at Southern Cross University, Australia’s biggest coal seam gas field, the Queensland’s Tara gas field, has been leaking large amounts of methane. The researchers said methane, carbon dioxide and... Read more

Ice Sheets Will Disappear Ahead of Schedule

by Joe Cofino – (October 11, 2012)  One of the world’s foremost climate scientists has warned that vulnerable island states may need to consider evacuating their populations within a decade due to a much faster than anticipated melting of... Read more

Ignoring the Science: Fox vs Global Warming

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (October 1, 2012) Science is defined as a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths. By definition, science cannot be bias, but occasionally there is room for the... Read more

The Discovery of Global Warming

Posted by Newsbyrd Staff – (August 20, 2012)  This excerpt is from The Discovery of Global Warming, by Spencer R. Weart (Harvard University Press, 2008). It is an epic story: the struggle of thousands of men and women over the... Read more

The Imperative Science and The Inconvenient Truth

by Mark Kneubuhl – (August 18, 2012)   In an October, 2007 Op-ed, columnist George Will essentially stated that global warming is no big deal, talking about the “gradual” difficulty it poses for some species, but also a greater... Read more

Bringing The Heat

Source: New America Foundation – (July 31, 2012) It’s been nearly impossible to ignore the record-setting heat baking the U.S. this summer. Triple-digit temperatures have roasted residents across the country, and the severe drought that’s plaguing more than half... Read more

Global Warming: A Hot and Cold Topic

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (June 30, 2012)  Hardly more than a decade ago, one could find healthy debate -on both sides, concerning man-made global warming.  Even science had questions about the link between humans and long-term rising temperatures. ... Read more

Why Aren’t Climate Scientists Making More Whoopee?

Comment by Mark Kneubuhl – (June 11, 2012)  I like to watch sports. I love the playoffs of any sport. I could happily watch the national Curling championship!  Every evening as of late, I’ve been busy with the NBA... Read more

Is Humanity Pushing Earth Past a Tipping Point?

By Brandon Keim – (June 7, 2012)  Could human activity push Earth’s biological systems to a planet-wide tipping point, causing changes as radical as the Ice Age’s end — but with less pleasant results, and with billions of people along... Read more