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Obama vs The-Guy-Who-Might-Beat-Obama

Opinion by Mark Kneubuhl – (May 14, 2012)  I’m suspicious about voluntary polls in this presidential election. These are the pop-up variety we often experience when surfing the Web and land on an article about Romney, Obama or both.... Read more

As a Conservative, How does Romney Compare to Bush?

Published by Think Progress- (April 24, 2012)  One of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s biggest political problems in his recent bid for the GOP nomination was convincing other republicans that he was “one of the boys.” Romney was frequently... Read more

For the Environment , Huntsman Would Have Worked

By Mark Kneubuhl- (April 23, 2012)  Last week a new CBS/NYT poll cited a virtual dead heat between President Barack Obama and former governor Mitt Romney.  The headline issues that have shaped this pre-election vote are jobs, the economy,... Read more