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Coral Reefs As Seen on a Black & White Television

By Mark Kneubuhl – (June 12, 2012) What if earth became part of some twisted experiment by a distant civilization who from light years away planted an unknown device on the planet, making all electronic color presentations, TVs, computers,... Read more

Why Aren’t Climate Scientists Making More Whoopee?

Comment by Mark Kneubuhl – (June 11, 2012)  I like to watch sports. I love the playoffs of any sport. I could happily watch the national Curling championship!  Every evening as of late, I’ve been busy with the NBA... Read more

The Planet Wreckers Climate-Change Deniers Are On the Ropes — But So Is the Planet

By Bill McKibben – (June 4, 2012)  It’s been a tough few weeks for the forces of climate-change denial. First came the giant billboard with Unabomber Ted Kacynzki’s face plastered across it: “I Still Believe in Global Warming. Do You?” Sponsored... Read more

The Climate Change Hoax, Hoax (Part 2)

By William Thomas – (May 30, 2012)  Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping are increasing at an alarming rate and could rise by as much as 75% in the next 15 years unless we stop shopping for cheap junk at... Read more

The Climate Change Hoax, Hoax (Part 1)

By William Thomas – (May 29, 2012)  Thanks to an outspoken American Senator, the world is being set straight on climate change. Working tirelessly to block Al Gore’s Capitol Hill celebration as part of a seven-continent “Live Earth” concert... Read more

Global Warming: Deniers vs Skeptics

By Mark Kneubuhl- (May 12, 2012)  In terms of the science, I don’t think there are many true global warming “deniers” out there anymore; just more lobbyists who are supported by skeptics and special interest.  Glen Beck still claims... Read more

Global Warming or Global Manipulation?

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (May 5, 2012)  The Heartland Institute has engaged in perhaps most ill-considered publicity stunt to date: a poster ad campaign that associates mass murders with those who belief in the science of global warming.... Read more