The Discovery of Global Warming

Posted by Newsbyrd Staff – (August 20, 2012)  This excerpt is from The Discovery of Global Warming, by Spencer R. Weart (Harvard University Press, 2008). It is an epic story: the struggle of thousands of men and women over the... Read more

The Imperative Science and The Inconvenient Truth

by Mark Kneubuhl – (August 18, 2012)   In an October, 2007 Op-ed, columnist George Will essentially stated that global warming is no big deal, talking about the “gradual” difficulty it poses for some species, but also a greater... Read more

Life Finds a Way

By Carl Safina – (Editor’s note: With rising sea temperatures, acidification, pollution and other negative human impacts, marine scientists, in general, give our planet’s coral reefs little chance of survival. Some predict as little as 30 years. In a... Read more

Bringing The Heat

Source: New America Foundation – (July 31, 2012) It’s been nearly impossible to ignore the record-setting heat baking the U.S. this summer. Triple-digit temperatures have roasted residents across the country, and the severe drought that’s plaguing more than half... Read more

The First Stewards

Compiled by Newsbyrd – (July 27, 2012) The declaration was made in 1997 at the North American Indigenous People Summit on Biological Diversity and Ethics: “We wish to add our voices to ongoing global discussions regarding the protection of... Read more

Lethal Sounds

Posted 2008, NRDC Whales and other marine mammals rely on their hearing for life’s most basic functions, such as orientation and communication. Sound is how they find food, find friends, find a mate, and find their way through the... Read more

How F#%@in’ Stupid Are Politicians, Anyway?

Rather disjointed op-ed by Mark Kneubuhl – (July 18, 2012)  Hard to say. If you ask those of the opposing party, they’d point their innocent fingers across the aisle and say, “look over there.” So, if you ask all... Read more

Are Nuclear Powered Space Heaters a Good Idea?

By Mark Kneubuhl From a practical standpoint, probably not. Although possible to build a rather bulky version with today’s technology, a prototype would cost millions, with the first off-the-line models costing tens of thousands. The plug-in garden variety space... Read more

Slipper Shopping at the Beach

A Tour by Mark Kneubuhl – (July 12, 2012) I’ve spent most of my adult life in American Samoa, a small group of islands located in the Southern Hemisphere, roughly in-between Hawaii and Australia. For the past four months... Read more

Coral Bleaching, El Nino and the ICRS 2012

Compiled by Newsbyrd Staff – (July 11, 2012) This week about 2,000 scientists from 80 countries have gathered at the Cairns Convention Center in Australia to attend the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2012). The four-year event acts... Read more