Who Could Hate Wind Power?

Texas wind farmCompiled by Newsbyrd staff –

(Updated February 12, 2013)  How could anyone object to wind power? Perhaps a person who loathes cute little puppy dogs or someone who purposely swerves his car to run over a crossing squirrel … yea, I suppose haters are everywhere.

In February, those squirrely, anti-puppy-dog people gathered in Washington, DC to establish a coordinated, nation-wide effort against wind energy.

The leader of the group was John Droz, Jr, a long-time wind opponent and a senior fellow at the ultra-conservative American Tradition Institute.  ATI calls itself an “environmental” think tank. The organization is devoted to spreading doubt about climate change, opposing state-level renewable energy targets, and stripping away environmental regulations.

ATI was denounced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for contributing to an “environment that inhibits the free exchange of scientific findings and ideas.”

According to a memo recently obtained by the Checks and Balances Project , Droz most recent focus has been on crafting a fake grassroots campaign to fight renewable energy projects — specifically wind — in legislatures, zoning boards and town halls across the country.

John Droz, Jr calls himself a “physicist and an environmental advocate.”  Could be, but one thing he is NOT, is a journalist!  Throughout his websites, hundreds of negative and baseless claims are made without a single attribution; making statements like “an empirically based analysis has never been done of wind power,” or “Wind power is unpredictable and cannot be counted on to provide power on demand.” The latter has some truth from a small scale, off the grid perspective.

How about this one: “The energy issue has become the poster child of what is a scientific wasteland. Everywhere one looks there is information being paraded by the media and political entities as fact, whereas it is really nonsense, or from our perspective here, non-science.” Source

It’s all laughable and not worth the human energy to further comment.  And in regard to his Degree in Physics, whatever school Droz got that piece of paper from, perhaps it should be reviewed.  Perhaps that school serves squirrel stew in their cafeteria?

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