You Don’t Have To Be Labeled “Boring” By Being Green

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(First published March 15, 2012) The experts are always telling us what we need to do to be “greener.” We at Newsbyrd are as green as anyone, but what’s so fun about using the same bath water left there by your spouse? I say  just jump in together!

Below are ten things that experts suggest you do to save our planet. In addition, Newsbyrd suggests ten things to be green, sane and have some fun all at the same time.

Experts:  Turn off the lights in rooms that are empty. Use Mother Nature: Open the blinds and let the sun shine in.

Newsbyrd: This also may provide some entertainment for your nosy neighbors, perhaps stopping them from jumping into their Hummer for a Sunday drive.

Experts: Use eco-friendly, unbleached organic soap.

Newsbyrd: Great idea! Use this soap and you will be so broke you’ll have to walk to work, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Experts: Did you know that electronic devices, when turned off, can account for 25% of your power bill?  Save Mother Nature and yourself some money and unplug that phone charger, microwave and TV, while not in use.

Newsbyrd: In addition, we’d like to recommend you listen to Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged” CD.

Experts: Rinse, don’t repeat!  Saving water is easy and green. When brushing your teeth fill a cup with water to dip your toothbrush and use that water to rinse your mouth. Skip the dishwasher. Use some elbow grease and wash them by hand.

Newsbyrd: We definitely give this a two thumbs-up, but recommend you go one step further: Fill-up the bath tub and jump in with your dishes, dirty cloths, a partner and your toothbrush… agitate and air dry.

Experts: Sanitize with sanity.  Here are some cheap organic ways to clean your home. Vinegar is a great sanitizer and cleaner. Use it to clean floors, counter tops and even in your rinse cycle as a fabric softener. Lemons cleanse as well. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut part of the lemon. This can be used to scrub floors, dishes and even toilets.

Newsbyrd: We recommend that you do the dishes first.

Experts: Tote it!  Bring your own tote bags every time you shop. They don’t have to be grocery exclusive. You can leftover plastic bags, backpacks or even over sized purses to haul your goods.

Newsbyrd: Handbags certainly cut costs for Lindsay Lohan.

Experts: “Dump the pump,” use the shoelace express and walk when you can. Walking is great exercise and very green. You save money on gas and the gym. Biking is fun and equally as green.

Newsbyrd: According to Reuters, the number of obese Americans outweigh those who are simply overweight. This can be a bit of a “cart and horse” issue.  If you can’t get on a bike, walk until you can.

Experts: Let the Sun work for you. Use a clothes line outside to dry your clothes.

Newsbyrd: In American Samoa where it rains 250 inches a year and the republican delegates supported Mitt Romney with all of their nine votes, you can still air-dry in the garage or a spare room.

Experts: Years ago companies made jelly in glass jars with cartoon characters on them. When the jelly was gone they were re-used as drinking glasses. Reuse glass jars for storage or drink-ware in your kitchen.

Newsbyrd: This was once a great marketing idea, with little, if any environmental consideration. Today “green” purchases are substantial and growing. Perhaps someone should tell Smuckers to re-invent their old idea.

Experts: No more paper! You can deep-6 the cable bill and still watch Dancing with the Stars. You can virtually pay all bills online while most banks offer online statements and notifications.

Newsbyrd: Downside: We no longer can use the “check is in the mail” excuse.

Experts: Use a bucket under the eve to collect rain water. You can water your plants or fill-up your bath tub with this clean and free water.

Newsbyrd: See top of page.

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